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What will be antiques of tomorrow?

A most difficult question to answer. Many practical products, symbolic of life today will be treasured for their historical value. They depict progress of the moment.

However, in the field of art, there is no such progress. Very few, if any, new art forms exist.

So you may be assured that future antiques will be forms proven by the centuries. They will have design qualities that transcend cyclical faddishness. And reflect painstaking and articulate craftsmanship.

And so it is with The Collection.

Proven by Centuries

Six golden rings, unearthed recently at Kouklia, on the lsle of Cyprus place the birlhdate of cloisonne in the year 1300 BC.

This was the genesis of no ordinary art form.

For the next 1200 years, cloisonne spread to the rest of Europe capturing the imagination of artists and craftsmen of the Roman Empire.

In the 7th century, cloisonne followed the ancient trade routes to China becoming a global art form at a time when East and West were so distant and enjoyed few things in common.

But was not until The Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire that cloisonne reached its zenith in excellence. It became the jewelry of kings and the adornment of churches, altars, statues, and objects d'art.

Design Qualities

The Cloisonne Collection combines the talents,
not of jewelry stylists, but of internationally famed graphic designers and fine artists.

Their expertise has created a renaissance of true cloisonne, a collection of quality designs, so timeless and classic, that they will retain their high style for generations to come.

Articulate Craftsmanship

Each piece is crafted by hand in a manner similar to thaI practiced by the Romans 2,000 years ago. As many as forty different hand operations are required.

On bronze, minute walls are shaped to follow the lines of the design. This forms compartments called cloisons and there may be as many as hundred in a design. Bronze is a deliberate choice because of the inability of gold to accept a variety of colors.

Then each cloison is filled, onc color at a time, with a paste of finely ground glass. Between each color application, the piece is kiln fired and cooled.

After all colors are completed, a number of grindings and polishings are done by hand on a revolving stone.

If during these steps, a small slip of the hand occurs, work must start anew.

Care of Cloisonne

Cloisonne is extremely durable and cannot be tarnished by time. Only a hard blow with a sharp instrument can damage it, much like the fate of the hardest stone in the world -the diamond.

The Back of Each Cloisonne Has A Hook To Attach A Chain Or Lanyard. Photo Showing Attachement Hook.

Cat's Eye

Egg Shape

Half Moon

Blue Heart

Red Heart


Each Clossine Comes In A Purple Velvet Lined Box


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